Insurance Contracting and Compliance Solutions (ICCS)

ICCS, the industry solution for life insurance contracting, screening and compliance assistance.


Insurance contracting has always been a paper oriented process, which causes delays, incomplete forms, lack of information, and difficulty in keeping abreast of the financial health of the advisor. To complement our industry recognized screening process, we have added a contracting solution which links to our history providing a unique and revolutionary process.

ICCS provides a contracting solution that does not require users to learn new workflows or new forms, but can continue to use their own forms and inputs.

The presence of E-Signature Technology allows users to sign documents (with proper verification), and move the process forward quickly. At the click of a tile the documents can either be electronically fed to the carrier, a completed PDF can be e mailed or the contract can be printed, signed and couriered in the normal manner.


ICCS will perform quarterly credit bureau reports.Credit scores can be used. However, we will customise the reporting to each individual MGA or carrier’s criteria. Notifications will be sent if the information falls outside of the criteria set. Basically, “set it and forget it” .

ICCS will also notify in real time of any adverse information received, whether regulatory or debt. The information will be housed in the audit trail section of the producers file for viewing.

The system can be used to communicate with the producer and a permanent record is kept of all communications When they were sent, opened and the IP address that was used to access it and the amount of time spent viewing the document.

The communications can be office policies, privacy policies, AML updates, regulatory changes. In fact anything the MGA / Carrier wants to send to the producer(s) and a record kept. This feature is one of the most important. It gives a complete audit trail.

It will verify licences, track CE credits and can accept E&O policy information. It does give reminders when Licences renew, E&O renews or when CE credits are lacking.

Transferring an agent is easy and uncomplicated, once the producer agrees the file transfers to the new MGA. The history always stays with the previous MGA and does not transfer. When transferred a new history starts.

No more forms to fill out, ICCS does it all for you at the click of a button. Any form can be back filled whether an individual carrier, CLHIA application or the MGA’s own form.

ICCS is easy to implement and use. ICCS is ready Today!

All of Greengrass Group’s services can be ordered through this system.

Each entity in the process has a private confidential workspace that presents the forms and work necessary to complete.

All communications and data are encrypted both while in transit and in storage. By using keystroke replication to redundant geographically isolated servers Located in Canada. ICCS is able to maintain a near 100% availability rate.

Freedom of Choice

ICCS does not require complete industry buy-in or set up fees. It can be used alongside any back office system.

As we anticipated in building the system and confirmed during conversations with various entities in the insurance industry, customization is key. Not everyone wants the same information or default criteria.

One major carrier has requested access to only limited information and is adamant that they be able to set their own requirements and will not outsource compliance monitoring. This is easily accomplished with the customization capability built into ICCS.

Greengrass Group has always been completely flexible and independent.

There are NO LONG TERM CONTRACTS to sign.

Participants can opt in or out any time

At all times the data remains the property of the client

Cost is also a major incentive. For the smaller MGA the cost is $20.00 per producer, per year. For the largest carrier the cost would reduce to approximately $8.00 per year per producer and there are rates in between depending on volume. The rates will be guaranteed for 3 years.

There are no set up fees, no long term contracts and all of this is backed by Greengrass Group’s 18 year history.

Greengrass Group has always stood shoulder to shoulder with their clients and has consistently demonstrated their flexibility meeting their client’s individual needs. This will continue in a much bigger and more enhanced way.

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